VP of Communcations & Events





Colorado Supermoto is committed to promoting the supermoto sport providing a safe and competitive racing program, creating a positive experience for riders and spectators, and increasing exposure for our sponsors and preferred vendors.  Colorado Supermoto will continue to be an encouraging environment for supermoto racers, and their supporters, competing locally or graduating to a national level.



The Board will support the work of Colorado Supermoto and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by Colorado Supermoto’s chief executive officer (CEO), the Board-CEO relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member responsibilities include:


You are the face of Colorado Supermoto


  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the CEO and assisting in the continued development of the club and its financial resources.

  • Building and maintaining sponsorship relationships ensuring sponsor needs are taken care and receiving the benefits listed in their sponsorship package. Including but not limited to obtaining sponsor logos, marketing scripts, dispersing gate tickets, dispersing marketing material involving the sponsor, keeping sponsors involved with upcoming events and ways to stay involved.

  • Professionally communicates with current, past and potential sponsor connections distributing sponsorship packets using mail, email or in-person delivery methods. Following up as necessary.

  • Keeping current and potential sponsors informed by showing them how we help them and the benefits to them of being or becoming a sponsor.

  • Management of special event booths and participation in other event promotions and public relation opportunities.

  • Willingness to provide ideas and assistance in establishing long term club goals, enabling the growth of the supermoto sport.



Board terms/participation

Colorado Supermoto Board Members will serve a one-year term to be eligible for re-appointment for one or more additional terms. Members must be available to attend every race. Board meetings will be held quarterly and committee meetings (if needed) will be held in coordination with full board meetings or if otherwise arranged.




This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the Colorado Supermoto mission and the supermoto sport!

Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Full comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Colorado Supermoto Sponsorship Packet and overall company mission.

  • Able to assist in the design and development of the Colorado Supermoto Sponsorship packet.

  • Willingness and desire to assist in the continued growth of Colorado Supermoto.

  • Comfortable being social and speaking publically.

  • Experience in sales and professional business interactions.

  • Candidate must be responsible and dedicated to serving the Colorado Supermoto club.


Service on Colorado Supermoto’s Board of Directors as the VP of Communication & Events is compensated as follows:

$100 paid per race

Free race entry per race

Compensation for travel, and accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties (upon approval).