Are You Ready to Race?


That depends on if you and your bike are set up to get on the track.  It’s pretty easy, in fact so easy even veterans to the race circuit sometimes over look the basics.  So in an attempt to take some of the mystery out of race prepping a bike and remind those of us who have been doing this for a while here are a few things to check.


Make sure you are ready.  Are you in the right frame of mind? Racing

is a bunch of fun and it will test your competitive side. If you go

out there with a positive attitude you’ll find that everyone takes

good sportsmanship seriously.  We all want to keep the sport alive

and growing and that only happens if we encourage and help each other. 

Physically you need to be ready for the rare but eventual spill.


  • Helmet

  • Eye Protection 

  • Gloves 

  • Boots

  • No Exposed Skin


The above is the obvious minimum level of protection.  Most everyone

that tries Supermoto comes from a Road Racing or Motocross background,

or has some pretty good street riding gear.  You’ll get a variety of

opinions on whether it’s better to wear motocross gear or leathers,

but both offer good enough protection to get started.  Most beginners

tend to fall in the dirt so motocross gear might be a cheaper way to get started – but it’s your body and you should protect it the way you deem is most appropriate.  Ask fellow riders and you’ll get some great advice.  Sometimes people get injured, just like every sport.  You should have a plan for the worst case scenarios, just in case, and communicate this to someone.  Do you have an emergency contact person and how easy is it for someone to find this information?  Does someone know where you are and when you’ll be home? If something bad happens we take care of each other to the best of our abilities, but being pragmatic for a moment we need to think past good intentions and make sure you get the attention you need.