2018 Update

It's been quiet around here lately and figure you all are looking forward to updates for the 2018 season. First, I'll start with the awards banquet. I'll get the info out soon. It will be somewhere that we can watch Supercross while SX is on the east coast (so we can wrap it up at a decent time.)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate it every time someone loans out a bike for new guys to try Supermoto, see posts online about the series, and am able to meet a new racer at registration. As always I'm beyond thankful for the support from volunteers last season. I really couldn't do it without them. With that being said, it's time this operates more like a club. If you're willing to help out with anything, please contact me. It can be as simple as hanging banners on race day or as big as helping operate a race. The last thing I want to do is burn anyone out, so whatever looks fun to you, please volunteer. We can never have enough help. I hope to have coordinator positions followed by volunteers that will support those roles. I really have nothing to offer so it will just have to be for the passion of the sport.

2018 Schedule: The flat track schedule was just released and was the last one I was waiting on. Now I'm just waiting on a track to get back to me. Hopefully a new track will be added. More to follow on that. I'd love do give out a solid date for the schedule but then it would probably just be a broken promise. Soon is all I can say. I look forward to seeing everyone soon!